Giuseppe Di Meglio Nitrodi
Delegated Administrator of Nitrodi
“It is difficult to describe my state of mind when one day in March 2009 I received the task from the mayor of Barano to manage the Park of Nitrodi. As you walk through the Park, abandon yourself to what your senses communicate to you. You will see numerous shades of green and you will be able to smell the aromas of the Mediterranean air more alive and to touch the hot vulcanic rocks that have formed in the heart of the island. Stop for a little while…and allow yourself to hear the sounds of nature...sample the drinks of well-being on offer… enjoy the whole experience! When I can, I love to remind the guests that this place, it has been conceived and enjoyed by the ancient Romans some 2000 years ago who spent idle days here in Nitrodi...Perhaps now, you will be able to imagine my state of mind (being from the island of Ischia) that day in March. Welcome and Happy Idleness!”
Giuseppe Sollino Nitrodi
Naturalist, Scientific publicist
Co-ordinator of Nitrodi’s Learning Centre – Nitrodi Hydro-aromatherapic Park.

Projects for: Water for Well-being – Herbs – Territory: The herbalistic tradition of monasteries – Garden of Simplicity (Hortus sanitatis).
Project for Beauty and Health: Research and creation of SPAEH health and beauty products.
Project for the Environment: The Green Lounge – meetings and conversations, environmental issues, Green Ischia.
Elke Reinke Shum Nitrodi
“I find it very important that the body and the soul are in a harmonious balance. My aim is to reach this harmony by making use of the several methods of my Whitetherapy: a unique concept of holistic well-being in order to promote the healing mechanisms and the reconciliation with oneself. I offer a wide range of treatment techniques that come from different parts of the world and I incorporate them into my work as an osteopath and alternative physician. My Whitetherapy is based upon 4 main pillars: nutrition, times of movement, emotional release and individual treatments.”
Federico Simonassi
Communication & Marketing
European Bachelor in Visual Arts, specialised in Communication and Marketing. Responsible for the project and the communications for ‘The Brand’ of the Spring of the Nymphs of Nitrodi and other correlated initiatives. Passionate supporter of the Nitrodi project and of the SPAEH philosophy in all its forms.