PHILOSOPHY Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi From the 3rd century B.C to today, a long journey through time, that gives back to nature the real essence of well-being.
Every disease has a natural cause and it can be healed by natural and recognizable means.” Hypocrates 460 B.C

The use of thermal baths, in a modern view of integration with our environment and territory, cannot be separated from an ecological approach towards our wonderful land. The concept of Well-being therefore, takes on a connotation of Globality that makes us feel as an active part in a territory in which the interactions and integrations are bound to the meaning of life and its vital cycles. Healing oneself by means of water and of the scented essences of plants, is surely the most reassuring and complete therapy one can imagine. In Nitrodi’s Hydro-aromatherapic Park, it is possible to blend the undoubtedly therapeutic qualities of the water with the essential oil effects of the plants, walking a pleasant route amongst the scents, sipping Apollo and his Nymphs’ most therapeutic infusions.

Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy (Plant therapy) have been shown to be relevant in fighting and preventing several pathologies of the respiratory system and of the metabolism. In particular, it is above all the secret nature of the aromatic fluids that helps fight stress and depression, headaches and insomnia, arthritis, cramps and skin problems. Many essential oils have disinfectant and expectorant properties and they are active against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. All this is made possible in Nitrodi, a magical place of extraordinary attunement with the environment, where life flows like the water of the spring.
Prof. G. Sollino – Biologist and Naturalist at Nitrodi.

The ancient Greeks looked at the spring waters as an extraordinary and mysterious phenomenon. The Romans used to offer vows for the thanks and the benefits they obtained. Through time, many men have written about the virtues of the Spring; from Menippo, subalpine physician of 2000 years ago, to Cav. Angelo Rizzoli and his research with Prof. Massimo Mancioli, and through quiet periods until their rediscovery in 1588 by Giulio Iasolino and after that Venanzio Marone, Chevally De Rivaz and many others. Today, a journey of re-evaluation becomes also the basis for the Well-being Programme being offered at Nitrodi, where the benefits can be extraordinary and immeasurable. It is our aim to keep intact the opportunity for a truer and more direct contact with nature, having at our disposal the use of water, air, fire and earth. A journey of Well-being, consisting of simple and natural treatments and utilizing the local plants and a bit of do-it-yourself application as well. It is important to not put the individual at the centre of this Well-being Programme, but amongst nature, wrapped and covered by mother earth allowing the person to perceive and absorb the vital energies on offer.
My invitation is also my wish. May you all feel well.
Giuseppe Di Meglio – Delegated Administrator of Nitrodi.