THE SPRING Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi The water is classified as “mineral, hypothermal, sulphate, alkaline, earthy.” Its therapeutic properties have been recognised by the Department of Health, decree number 3509, 9-10-2003.
The water of Nitrodi is classified as mineral hypothermal sulphate alkaline and was extensively studied in the late 60s by Prof. Mancioli of the La Sapienza University in Rome.The study by Prof. Mancioli carried out for internal use (i.e. for drinking cures), showed the trophic healing effect, both anti-inflammatory and gastro-calming, particularly beneficial for gastritis, ulcers, gastroduodenitis heartburn and useful for kidney stones and in the early stages of hyperuricaemia.

The Nitrodi natural spring now supplies about 12,000 litres of water per hour. The water is supplied through showers, washbasins and fountains without the addition of additives both because within the establishment there are only showers and because after use, the water is then put back into its natural course and, thus, not recycled. .

Within the establishment, the use of soap and/or other cleansers is not allowed also because there is absolutely no need for them.After a shower with Nitrodi you will be NATURALLY CLEAN! .

While staying at the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi, we recommend that you take a lot of showers and, especially for the first few showers, it is advisable to remain under the stream of water for at least 10 minutes..

The action of the minerals contained in the water leaves the skin smooth and firm but above all clean, without salt or odorous residues, it dilates the pores and allows the skin to breathe. The wealth of bicarbonate and the mix of minerals contained in Nitrodi promote natural exfoliation removing several layers of dead skin cells. After the Nitrodi shower, you are advised not to wash with soap and / or cleansers for at least a few hours so as not to block the pores of the skin again. For therapeutic purposes, you are advised to remain under the water flow for 10 minutes (showers or sinks) and dry in the sun or at least in the air. Repeat the cycle as many times as possible during the day.
For inflammations of the oral cavity, rinses and gargles can be made for immediate relief. The effect of the bicarbonate will be immediately noticeable on hair, leaving it clean and smooth, a real "conditioning effect."

Fixed Residue at 180 degrees Celsius 1070mg/l
Silica 98 mg/l
Ions bicarbonate 540 mg/l
Ions chloride 95mg/l
Ions sulphate 205 mg/l
Ions sodium 175 mg/l
Ions potassium 20.4 mg/l
Ions calcium 138 mg/l
Ions magnesium 16.4 mg/l
Ions iron <0,02 mg/l
Ions ammonium <0,02 mg/l
Phosphorous total <1 mg/l
Ions bisulphide (grade of sulphur) <0,5 mg/l
Ions strontium 0,09 mg/l
Ions lithium 0,02 mg/l
Ions bromide <0,5 mg/l
Ions barium <0,2 mg/l
Ions manganese <0,01 mg/l
Ions nitrate 31,1 mg/l
Ions nitrite <0,002
Total Hardness 41.1 degrees Fahrenheit