ROUTES Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi The Geomorphologic structure of the Park is very complex, characterised by highly uneven ground, amongst layered terraces, formed by the streamy waters that reach the beach of Maronti.
The Park of the Spring of Nitrodi is organised into an aromatherapic route which allows for direct contact with the aromatic and medicinal plants, to strengthen the effects of the water. It is therefore advised after having drunk the water and after having had a shower, to stroll in the Park, stopping in the hydro-aromatherapic areas. With wet hands and by touching the plants of rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme etc, along the Park route, one stimulates the whole organism, namely the cardio-circulatory, respiratory and immune systems. Above all it is effective in the psychosomatic recovery of the circadian cycles (bio-rhythms), that often lose their natural rhythms during busy daily life.

After showering, it is advised to lightly brush the plants with your hands from bottom to top and then to gently massage your body - in particular using rosemary for its reinvigorating properties. But remember "Take care not damage the branches and leaves!"