INFUSIONS Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi Infusions and concoctions created from the Spring water, enriched by the scents of the medicinal plants, exclusively collected in the Park for a feeling of total well-being.
The Park of the Spring of the Nymphs of Nitrodi is a well-being oasis that embraces the whole person. Along with the thermal waters and the hydro-aromatherapic routes, you can enjoy crushed iced drinks, made from the waters of Nitrodi and herbal teas made from medicinal plants and chosen specifically for their scientifically proven virtues.

Only honey that is produced in Ischia is used to sweeten the infusions – made exclusively from herbs gathered in the Park and collected at dawn (the peak balsamic time for each chosen plant). In this way, the essential oils and active ingredients of the fresh herbs are released into the waters of Nitrodi which in turn are used to prepare the infusions. Such fresh herbs grow in a very rich salty mineral soil, created as a result of the ancient sea bed shifts some 55000 years ago.