HISTORY Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi The hypo-thermal natural mineral water sacred to the Gods: A medicinal spring water sacred to Apollo and to the Nymphs of Nitrodi.
In 1759 some local farmers digging holes for their vineyards, discovered a series of marble votive slabs, an important discovery for the island of Ischia and now kept in Naples National Museum. The 12 ‘relief’ slabs, dedicated to the Nymphs of Nitrodi are dated from the 1st century B.C to the 3rd century A.D. A long list of various social classes are associated with these votive slabs. One of the first women to be healed was Argenna – associated with Poppea Augusta, who as a vow to the God of Apollo, left in gratitude a votive slab, hanging it in a little sacred wood near to the Spring.

In the 1st century A.D, the physician Menippo “Menippos iatròs upalpinos” arrives in Nitrodi from northern Italy. Sometime later, two doctors “Aur(elius) Monnus” and “Num(erius) Fabius” arrive at the Spring of Nitrodi, together with their scholars and assistants (Historical quotation by Don Pietro Monti). It is very ancient the healing tradition of the Spring, dating back to the Greek period of the island of Ischia (8th century B.C) and interestingly, the Nymphs of Nitrodi are mentioned in all the classic Greek and Latin texts from Homer onwards.